Yachting Weathervanes

  • “Junk Rigged Weathervane”
  • “Leaning Over Weathervane”
  • “Man of War Weathervane”
  • “Motor Sailer 2 Weathervane”
  • “Running Down Wind Weathervane”
  • “Simple Yacht Weathervane”
  • “Wayfarer Weathervane”
  • “Yacht with Crew Weathervane”
  • “Yacht with Lighthouse Weathervane”
  • “Yacht with Spinnaker Weathervane”

Courtesy of Chisholm Gallery, LLC

These weathervanes are hand made in Dorset. All our wind vanes are zinc primed and powder coated with a black gloss finish to a very high standard. All Yacht weathervanes can be personalized to suit your weathervane design requirements and are available for delivery.

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