Vintage Equestrian Posters

  • “DUBLIN HORSE SHOW PAN AM” by Olive Whitmore, 1954, 29 x 39 inches (73 x 99 cm) | Original vintage poster for the Dublin Horse Show in 1954, showing jumper against  outline of Ireland.
  • “USSE - CHEMIN DE FER PARIS A ORLEANS” by Constant Duval, c.1924, 30 x 40 inches (76 x 101 cm) | Original French travel poster for a classic Loire Valley Chateau with horseback rider  in front of magnificent castle.
  • “DEAUVILLE” by Jacquet, c.1937, 26 x 39 inches (66 x 99 cm) | Original vintage poster of an elegant equestrian at a horse show in the famous French resort town Deauville.
  • “HARPER'S – OCTOBER” by Edward Penfield, 1898, 12 x 17 inches (30 x 43 cm) | A dashing cavalryman on his trusty steed. Penfield was one of America's best known poster designers, producing a wonderful series of posters for Harper's magazine in the 1890's.
  • “YWCA THE GIRL ON THE LAND” by Edward Penfield, c.1917, 32 x 22 inches (81 x 55 cm)
  • “LOTERIE NATIONALE” by Lesourt, 1962, 11 x 15 inches (27 x 38 cm) | A cheery poster for the French National Lottery with a horse racing theme.
  • “LOTERIE NATIONALE PRIX DE L'ARC DE TRIOMPHE” by Fore, 1960s, 15 x 23 inches (38 x 58 cm) | A great, abstract image of racing horses in this original vintage poster promoting the  French National Lottery.
  • “FETES DE PARIS 1934 (CASSANDRE)” by A.M. Cassandre, 1934, 24.5 x 39 inches (62 x 99 cm) | The fluid movement of this slightly surrealist design helps to generate anticipation  for the Paris Festival of 1934!
  • “UNITED AIRLINES NEW YORK (CARRIAGE RIDE)” by Stan Galli, c.1960, 25 x 40 inches (63 x 101 cm) | A handsome couple in a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride around Central Park.  A classic 1960's image of NYC.
  • “THUN - NATIONALER CONCOURS HIPPIQUE” by Iwan E. Hugentobler-Mauerhofer, 1945, 35 x 51 inches (88 x 129 cm) | National Horse Show
  • “LE CLOWN AMOUREUX” by Roger Chancel, c.1925, 32 x 47 inches, (81 x 119 cm) | The Clown in Love! An original vintage poster for a light comic opera where a fool  falls in love with a beautiful woman. Ah... the story of ages.
  • “RIDING IN THE PARK HORSE PANEL” c.1910, 45 x 18 inches (114 x 45 cm)

Courtesy of Chisholm Gallery, LLC

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