Vigyazo, Vila

  • "Saint Mark's square from the sea" Oil on panel, 17 x16 inches, Signed
  • "An Afternoon in July" Oil on panel, 20 x 24 inches, Signed
  • "London in Fog" Oil on panel, 16 x 12 inches, Signed

Hungarian Contemporary

I was born in 1971 of August in Budapest. I grew up in an artist family. My father, who is also a painter, bore on me in my choice of career. I could observe his surrounding painter-friend companionship’s work, seeing their turpentine-smell atelier’s special world.

After practicing some professions, which have close relation to visual and decoration, I started to deal with painting with the patience of my father. I could get to Wessely Tibor master with my father’s help, who I also return thanks for the developing in my profession. The city-life’s and town-life’s variegation in my childhood was imprinted as a determining experience, their memories are usually used for making paintings which have the feeling of city-life or illustrate countryside.

My works are regularly in West-Europe’s, East-America’s and Hungary’s galleries and auctions. I am not a member of any artist-clubs. My name is written in lots of auction catalogues for example the most renowned MAYER International Auction Records.