Rew, Stephen

  • “Tiger VII” Coffee & Ink, Signed
  • “Tiger VI” Coffee & Ink, Signed
  • “Tiger V” Coffee & Ink, Signed
  • “Tiger IV” Coffee & Ink, Signed
  • “Tiger III” Coffee & Ink, Signed
  • “Tiger II” Coffee & Ink, Signed
  • “Tiger I” Coffee & Ink, Signed
  • Damascus Steel Horns
  • Damascus Steel Horns
  • Damascus Steel Horns
  • Damascus Steel Horns

British Contemporary

Unique African and Asian antelope sculptures: horns made from Damascus steel on partial skulls in bronze.

Stephen’s collection of African and Asian antelope sculptures depicts the delicate perfection of nature in man-made steels and bronze, employing the ancient art of Damascus steel forging with modern technologies and bronze-casting to create near-perfect replicas of horns and partial skulls.

Hand-forged horns exhibiting their own pattern as unique as a fingerprint are mounted onto bronze partial skulls, signed and numbered as editions of 10. Each piece comes with a photographic story-book of the processes involved in their creation and a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity.

The collection, begun in 2010, was unveiled in 2015 at London’s Holland & Holland. Due to the processes involved in their creation, only a handful of sculptures can be completed each year.

Stephen is now represented in the USA exclusively in Palm Beach by The Silver Fund, Worth Avenue, and in the UK at Mayfair’s Holland & Holland, Royal Gunsmiths.

An early patron of Stephen’s sculpture is Louis Moore Bacon. Louis commissioned an additional species to be produced – the impala, which was completed January 2016.

Other recent accolades are that Stephen has been put forward for David Shepherd’s Wildlife Artist of the Year and he was the winner of the Diana Brookes Foundation prize at London’s Mall Galleries in October 2016.

Stephen’s work will be at Gallery 1949 in Aspen, Colorado, from 10th – 24th July 2016. All enquiries to or 561.629.5153.