Lesser, Ron

  • “Full Speed Ahead” Oil on canvas, 34 x 24 inches, Signed
  • “The Attack” The Adolfo Cambiaso Series, Oil on board, 25 x 35 inches, Signed
  • “Struggle For The Ball, Adolfo Cambiaso” 2012, Oil on board, 37 x 25 inches, Signed

American Contemporary

A prolific painter of horses “in action” — Ron Lesser has painted images of the horse throughout history — in war, peace, and sport. Inspired by the marvelous 19th Century French painters Edouard Detaille and Alphonse De Neuville, and classically trained in the techniques of the old masters, Ron endeavors to capture not only the spirit of the horse but the physical presence of the horse in the world. It is his affinity for detail and uncompromising realism that sets a Ron Lesser painting apart from his contemporaries. His horses have decorated the covers of thousands of books, the walls of museums and corporations, and the collections of equine enthusiasts all over the world.