King, Richard

  • “Umzari Polo I” Oil on canvas, 19 x 28 inches, Signed
  • “Umzari Polo II” Oil on canvas, 22 x 30 inches, Signed
  • “Polo Times” Oil on canvas, 24 x 36 inches, Signed | This painting is from Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA

Zimbabwean Contemporary

Richard’s love for his country, and the beauty it contains, inspired him to begin painting the amazing flora and fauna of the Zambezi Valley – a vast territory of wandering elephant, prowling lions and elegant antelope which inhabit a land of baobab trees, mopane woodland, and riverine landscapes that all form a part of the rich tapestry and heart of Africa. Richard’s paintings resonate with atmosphere and energy, inspiring the viewer to imagine a world full of beauty, intrigue, and adventure…!

Richard’s artistic talents also include a variety of equestrian disciplines based upon his interest in polo. He is renowned for his equestrian studies but he is capable of capturing and portraying any subject matter. Expressing the true essence of whatever theme or topic he is painting is always at the core of his private artwork and his commissioned pieces; be it wildlife, equestrian, or landscapes. Contemporary urban and rural life scenery can also be found being painted at his easel.

King has travelled abroad and taken part in exhibitions in South Africa, the United Kingdom, as well as Zimbabwe. Richard continues to broaden his artistic expertise as he paints new subjects. His work hangs in numerous countries around the world.