Langley, Mark

  • Contemplation, Color pencil and pencil, 61 x 29 cm
  • Rebel, Color pencil and pencil, 42 x 40 cm
  • Big Day Out, Color pencil and pencil, 64.5 x 31 cm
  • Golieth at Blair Castle,Color pencil and pencil, 50 x 52 cm
  • Bill's Peeling Door (Bill), Color pencil and pencil, 50 x 32 cm
  • Ebony, Color pencil and pencil, 32 x 48 cm
  • Henry (Laurus Halifax Henry), Color pencil and pencil, 32 x 43.5 cm

British Contemporary

Mark has truly a different approach in the detailed way in which he works. His pencil and colour pencil work stands up to extremely close examination, and unlike most paintings looks even better at close quarters. Casual Observers may notice the highly realistic representational style but get a little closer and you will see that every hair and blade of grass is painstakingly drawn in individual pencil strokes.

Mark’s background has shaped his approach, he was educated and subsequently worked as a graphic artist. Mark’s drawing skills are entirely self taught and were developed before he had any formal tuition. Although his interest in photography and the influence of his training in graphic design and illustration have refined his eye for image creation and composition.

Mark uses the help of a camera to collect extensive amounts of source material. He believes it is vital to have a trained mind and be quick to see opportunities whilst photographing in order to be able to find images that will make great drawings. Seeing the image and waiting for the moment to capture an animal in a natural pose or finding the right angles to approach an architectural detail are crucial along with visualising it as a finished artwork at the same time. Mark is nostalgic for times gone by when drawing and painting followed good draughtsmanship and were seen as vital skills for all artists. Mark hopes his work is refreshing, and that it stands well amongst representational styles and in the contemporary art market. His aim is for his work to last for many years as a style and as a memory of the subject.

Mark  has been featured in the following press:  ‘Art Horse’ (USA) Spring 2010, ‘Artists and Illustrators’ (UK) March 2009 and a variey of other magazines in the UK. Exhibited at the Mall Gallery and many other shows and galleries in the UK including Burghley, Chatsworth, Badminton and Gatcomb Horse Trials.