June Towill Brown

  • Horse Head Pendant — The sterling silver pendant boldly states the intricate features of a horse’s head that is brilliantly accented with diamonds set within the eyes of this carefully crafted and stylishly presented piece of art.
  • Horse Head Cuff Bracelet — The popular cuff bracelet which can include accents of 14 ct gold and/or meticulously placed diamonds within this smart and gallant equine depiction.
  • Horse Head Belt Buckle — The horse head motif is set within sterling silver throughout and wrapped with a classic twisted elegant silver rope.  Available with or without diamond and 14 ct gold accents.
  • “Arabian Knight” A bust of an Arabian stallion with costuming consisting  of silver and turquoise like tassels is accented by the Black Granite base. (L.E. 50) 6”L x 6”W x 16”H Granite Base
  • “Bloodline” A bust of 3 Arabians - stallion, mare with foal depicting the circle of life with busts coming from the flames of life. (L.E. 50) 12”L x 12” W x 20”H - Wood Base
  • "Next Generation” Arabian mare & foal bust are sculpted on a stacked Pile of rocks to depict the “building blocks of life” - contemporary patina. (L.E. 50) 8”L x 9”W x 18”H - Wood Base
  • “Horse Power” This Friesian horse from Holland is known as the “Feathered” horse and recognized for its long mane and tail that stretches to the ground. (L.E. 35) 25”L x 8” W x 15”H - Wood Swivel Base
  • “Stubborn as a Mule” This life-sized Mule Deer stands proud and ideal for a home’s entry or garden. (L.E. 20) Special Edition 5.6’ L X 3’ T to Shoulder; 350 lbs.
  • “Winter Hoarding” Two characteristic squirrels preparing their winter feast. Available in bronze finish or colored patina (L.E.) Signature Edition (L.E.) Special Artist Proof 28”L X 12” W X 12” T
  • Gypsy Fire in Lucite, 22” L x 10” D x 21” H

American Contemporary

I love to create works of art which inspire others to appreciate and preserve the character and beauty from the Native American cultures to Shakespearean characters and their stories.

“The work of the hand carves a place in the heart”

As an artist and educator, I am constantly learning and exploring life.  By studying the structures of humans, birds, wild life, horses, I can enrich the lives of others through my sculpture and the stories they tell. All my years in design and color have given me the background and awareness to grow as an artist and to continually enhance my sculptures through composition and the special use of colors in the patina. I find working in Bronze and patina is a way that brings out the character of each sculpture and the story it tells.

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June Towill Brown’s “Horse Power” jewelry collection is artistically designed to capture the essence of the equine breed which is showcased within this stunning multi-form jewelry line that includes a Pendant, Cuff Bracelet and Belt Buckle. Each signature item has been masterly crafted and created only with the finest sterling silver with accents of diamonds and 14 ct gold.
June’s multi dimensional “inspirations” have turned into masterful artwork that will accent the most simple to elegant outing.

Be it a bronze sculpture, commissioned statue or monument, prestigious trophy, or sterling jewelry collection, June’s research and respect for each of her subjects are reflected in her meticulous efforts to reproduce as accurately as possible the dignity and beauty of her ever-evolving works of art.