Kędziora, Jerzy

  • “The Golfer” at the Wellington National Golf Club. Photo credit: Lenore Phillips / Phelps Media Group
  • Stanislaw Rey standing below “The Golfer” Photo credit: Lenore Phillips / Phelps Media Group

Polish Contemporary

Born in Częstochowa, Poland in 1947, Jerzy Kędziora attended the Fine Arts Secondary School in Częstochowa. He then continued his education and completed his arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Danzig, Poland. His relishes in art manifestation not only in carving but also in drawing, painting, advertising graphics, ceramics, metal art, spatial composition, theatrical scenography as well as applied arts.

As an artist, Jerzy Kędziora represents a totally new direction in carving – the balancing act of clever sculptures, and the laws of physics. He has taken it one step further and created the pieces that balance in gravity just on the thin cord. This made his art not only magnificent to look at but also subjected to sophisticated kinetics. The observers are tempted by the new perspective which may change their present point of view. The sculptures are really the symbol of human beings’ existence; people who walk a tightrope between their emotions, decisions and states, the sculptures fight with the forces of nature. His art also represents the unreal and provoking world of dreams, ecstasy and breathtaking acrobatic skills depicted in the form of slack-lining in the sculptures, such as: “The Little Gondolier” or “The Acrobat with the Chair.”

Nowadays, his work is highly appreciated among outstanding fine arts experts and critics. He is invited for many exhibitions and we may watch his works of art in many galleries all around the world.Jotka” has also received many prestigious grants from the Polish Ministry of Culture and Art as well as prizes and honorable mentions all around the world. He is a member of World Movement of Sculpture Symposium and holds the position of the vice president of Polish Sculptors.

2017 — The Art of Balance” Fairchild Garden, Coral Gables, Florida
2015 — Defying gravity” Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami, Florida
2014 — “Natural Balance” Ann Norton Sculpture Garden, West Palm Beach, Florida
2013 — “Balancing Miami” Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida
2008–2012 — “Global balance” Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
2008–2010 — “Under the Dubai Sky” Dubai International Financial District, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2007 — “Polish Sculptures in Alps” St. Urban, Switzerland
2006 — Bratislava, Slovakia (group exhibition)
2005 — “High Sky Exhibition” Lourdes, France
2003 — “Queens Balance” Berlin, Germany
2002 — “Above sight” Berlin, Germany
2001 — “Art and Gardens” Prague, Czech Republic
1999 — “Balance in Art” Nurnberg, Germany
1997 — “Figuration in Art” Madrid, Spain