Mackie, Hamish

  • “Horse Head” (based on Andalusian) Bronze
  • “Andalusian Stallion” Bronze, Scale 1:18, (Left horse in group)
  • “Andalusian Stallion” Bronze, Life-size
  • “Andalusian Stallion” Bronze, Scale 1:7

British Contemporary

Through his work as a sculptor Hamish Mackie has had the privilege of observing wildlife in many corners of the world at first hand. This allows him to bring his passion for the natural world into his sculptures.

Largely self-taught, Hamish’s style is unique; his work captures the inner core, strength, and grace of the subject. His sculptures are his own interpretation, and not a photographic representation of the subject. Through his close observation and his expressive manipulation of the materials, Hamish is able to capture an instinctive moment of animal behaviour.

Hamish frequently works in spontaneous, often unrepeatable, fluid gestures. This confidence is born from many years of mastering his craft. It is this assertive handling of materials, which result in strong dynamic, living sculpture. However his sculpting ‘technique’ will vary according to how he perceives the subject; for example, a compact feathered bird such as an albatross will be sculpted in a tight method, in comparison to the free feathers of an owl that dictate a looser handling.

“…standing at the end of a very long process of development. Hamish’s sculpture is clearly informed by the works of the ancient Egyptians and the Renaissance, through to the more recent realism and drama of Barye and Buggatti.” (Edward Lucie-Smith, Art Critic)

Born in 1973, Hamish Mackie grew up on a livestock farm in Cornwall, England. He developed a love of wildlife at an early age. After Radley College, Falmouth School of Art and studying design at Kingston University, Hamish began sculpting full time in 1996, thus turning his passions into a career.

In 2007 Hamish built a studio in Oxfordshire, where he now lives and works with his wife Laura and their three daughters. Hamish has travelled to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Africa, United Arab Emirates, Australia and India to study his subjects and he often writes about these trips on his blog.

“Observing animals in their own environment is essential to understanding the subject’s physical and instinctive traits. For example, the disposition of a captive predator is very different from that of a predator the wild.” (Hamish Mackie)

In 2014, Hamish Mackie won a major public art commission for the Berkeley Homes Goodman’s Fields development in the City of London – six life and quarter size horses running loose through the pedestrianised plaza. During this year long project, he collaborated with Lockbund to create a new foundry big enough for the job that required over a kilometre of steel for the armatures, six tonnes of clay, one tonne of silicone rubber and four tonnes of bronze. The sculptures were unveiled in 2015 to critical acclaim and the following year, won the Public Monuments and Sculptures Association’s Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Fountains.

In 2016, Hamish also presented his sixth Solo Show, ‘Life in Bronze’, at Mall Galleries, London which proved a huge success.