Diana Mara Henry

  • Avant-garde fashion by Lagerfeld, At Fountain House Benefit, Rizzoli bookstore
  • Larry Rivers plays sax at the opening of his exhibit, the history of Matzoh, at the Jewish Museum, NYC
  • Signbearer for George Wallace, Democratic Convention Miami Beach, 1972
  • Ronald Reagan forming a snowball, NH primary, 1976
  • Daniel Patrick Moynihan at Harvard, 1967
  • Shirley MacLaine and the Ballets Trockadero
  • James Brown performing at Rikers Island, NYC, 8x10" silver print
  • Puppets at Pentagon, Women's Pentagon Action, 1980, 8x10" silver print
  • Pompadour castle and tree, from the series on the National Stud farm, 8x10" silver print
  • Young Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention, Miami Beach, 1972 8x10" ilver print, Listening to George McGovern's acceptance speech as candidate for President, his young campaign worker looks enthralled and inspired.
  • France Castle and Fence, Looking up to the castle of Pompadour from the racetrack, Races are run below the Chateau de Pompadour in the Limousin, France, home of one of 24 national stud farms.
  • France market dresses, Market day at Pompadour, the LImousin, France, Castle of Pompadour in background. Pompadour is the site of one of 24 national stud farms of France. Extensive image collection available.
  • France castle vines, A secret door at the Castle of Pompadour, In the Limousin, France, one of an extensive collection of images in black and white and color of the French national stud farm and environs.
  • France sheep on hill, The lambing season in the Limousin, One of an extensive photographic essay on the National Stud Farm of Pompadour, France, and its environs, in black and white and color.
  • Bali woman at loom, One of an extensive photographic essay in color, Available as a vintage Ektacolor print, 8x10 or a modern digital print, any size.
  • At the Forbes castle in Normandy
  • Allen Ginsberg & Bella Abzug, Poet and politician, At the Democratic Convention, Miami Beach, 1972
  • Best of the Best, Cat and Judge, Empire Cat Club show, NYC. One of many cat images. 8x10" vintage silver print or digital image, any size.
  • Fran Lebowitz and phallic balloon, The author at the Chateau de Balleroy, At Malcolm Forbes balloon meet, Normandy, France
  • France Carriage Horses, Grooms at the Pompadour, One of 24 National Stud Farms of France, photographed extensively in black and white and color. Vintage silver print 8x10" and any size digital print on request.
  • France Tanya and horse in sunlight, Pompadour stud farm, the Limousin, France, Vintage silver print 8x10" and any size digital print available on request. One of an extensive photographic essay.

American Contemporary

Diana Mara Henry began her career as a photo editor and reporter for the Harvard Crimson, 1967-1969. After college she was a researcher for NBC news and a General Assignment Reporter for the Staten Island Advance. Going freelance in 1971, she photographed George McGovern – from the New Hampshire primaries to the National Democratic Convention, Bella Abzug and Elizabeth Holtzman. The most-published photographs of her career came as official photographer for the National Commission on International Women’s Year to document the First National Women’s Conference in Houston, TX, Other extended reports include Vietnam Veterans, 1970-1981; election night in Plains, Georgia, 1976; Women Office Workers/Nine-to-Five, 1979; the Women’s Pentagon Action, 1980; One-Room Schools and Schoolteachers of Vermont and NY, and the Natzweiler-Struthof Concentration Camp, Alsace, France; and the national stud farm at Pompadour, France.