Hunt, Andy

  • Perfect Poise, acrylic on board
  • Jay Jay, acrylic on canvas
  • White Bite, acrylic on canvas
  • Dapplehead, acrylic on canvas
  • Ollie, arcylic on canvas
  • Sox, acrylic on canvas
  • Arched Head, acrylic on Board

British Contemporary

Having gained my Higher Diploma at Portsmouth College of Art & Design in 1986. I now live & work in the Southdowns National Park, in West Sussex, UK. Surrounded by fine horse riding country, it proves to be a vital source of inspiration for my work – I have developed a deep love of capturing the majesty, beauty and character of the horse in my paintings. Working primarily in acrylics on canvas, my style is detailed and accurate, whilst clearly retaining a painterly quality, rather than looking too photographic.

In July 2009, I was pleased to become a member of the UK Society of Equestrian Artists.