A Season with the Millbrook Hunt

Kathy Landman
fine art photography


About the Collection

The Millbrook Hunt is one of the most attractive hunts in the United States, and their hunt country is perhaps the most beautiful open land anywhere in the world. Knowing this, and wanting to continue in the manner of artists who have used the Hunt as their subject matter, Kathy Landman spent a year on foot following the hunt. Beginning in the early fall with roading the young hounds, through late winter, when the pack working in concert like a finely tuned orchestra, would raise their voices in full cry, Landman witnessed many moments of beauty and inspiration for this, her first series of prints on the Millbrook Hunt.

Landman’s  artistic process is both photographic and painterly. Kathy combines pictures and drawings into seamless photo realistic images which she prints on her press using archival pigments and Hanemuhle German Etching Paper. Each of the large prints in this series is signed, numbered and embossed and limited to an edition of ten. The complete set of 12 prints is available as a boxed set, or can be ordered individually. Additional images from A Season with the  Millbrook Hunt and A Visit to Millbrook Kennels can be viewed at The Chisholm Gallery in Pine Plains and custom ordered. For pricing and availability, please request a price list via email.















2 Comments on “A Season with the Millbrook Hunt”

  • Jane says:

    Hi – I am really interested in these pictures; my father has hunted with the Millbrook hunt – and I took some photographs of him in his attire this past fall, but these photographs are really beautiful and interesting; I was wondering whether it would be possible to obtain them/ how I could get in touch with the artist (Landman). I am currently working on a project relating to foxhunting.

    thanks very much.

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