Voss, Franklin Brooke

  • Polo, Original Watercolor, Signed and dated 1912, Provenance: Arthur Ackermann & Son


Franklin B. Voss enjoyed an enviable sporting life and painted glorious
scenes of American hunting and racing. He was born in New York City, a
member of one of America’s greatest sporting families. Frank, his sister
Jessie, and his three brothers Edward (Ned), Neilson, and Stuart all
foxhunted from an early age. All five of them also had great artistic
talent. Frank’s genius for painting was quite evident by his teen years. He
studied for seven years at the Art Student’s League of New York under George
Bridgman, with special attention to anatomy.

Frank Voss thoroughly knew and loved his subject matter. He painted the
great thoroughbred race horses of his day such as Man o ‘War and Citation.
He had ridden in flat and steeplechase races as a young man. Frank Voss
painted many great foxhunting ladies and gentlemen, their horses and hounds.
He rode behind many great packs. The account of his death is a sporting
legend: he was in the first flight behind the Elkridge-Harford hounds who
were running beautifully. At a check, in view of his favorite bit of
country, he tumbled from his horse, dead of a heart attack. Fortunately, his
paintings preserve his vision of a beautiful sporting world and time.

-Barclay Rives