Savage, William

"Sitting Room Polo Ground" Collage, 12 x16 inches, Signed

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British Contemporary

Born in England 1974, William is a former banker, now mixed media artist trained at the Camberwell College of Arts and currently working in London.

William’s work uses various mixed media, in particular collage and transparent acrylic techniques. In the case of his equestrian collages, he composes imaginary or fantastic scenes by splicing images of players and their mounts into other settings, principally interiors. He does this in a playful way that seeks to encourage the viewer to look twice at the finished image. Sometimes these spliced collages are enhanced by drawn-in (ink) elements, or fine cut lines, which creates an intense white color.

Prior to working as an artist, William was for 14 years an investment banker in the City of London. In addition to his artistic training, hehas an MA in Politics and Economics and from Edinburgh University, Scotland and an MBA from the Smurfit Business School in Dublin, Ireland.