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Pewter Bluegrass Bowl with Rings & Criss-Crossed Polo Mallet Appliqué
H 6.25″ x Dia. 7.25″
Ref: P2199042/PM

Can apply instead any of the Equestrian Appliqués or your own Custom Logo Medallions.


Pewter Pedestal Bowl with 4-Horsehead Appliqué
H 6.5″ x Dia. 8″
Ref: P2193308/4H
$280.00 (shown)

H 5.5″ x Dia. 6″
Ref: P2193306/4H

Can apply instead any of the Equestrian Appliqués or your own Custom Logo Medallions.


Pewter Covered Bluegrass Bowl with Rings
Dia. 7.25″
Ref: P2199042/CHH

Dia. 5.25″
Ref: P2199043/CHH


Pewter Newport Pedestal Bowl on Pewter Base & Mounting Bar
H 13″ x Dia. 12″
Ref: P2193312/208PC

H 12.5″ x Dia. 10″
Ref: P2193311/208PC

H 10.25″ x Dia. 8″
Ref: P2193308/207PC

H 8″ x Dia. 6″
Ref: P2193306/205PC

H 6.25″ x Dia. 5″
Ref: P2193305/204PC


“The Winners” Governor Cup
H 20.5″
Ref: P219C997PC

Pewter cup on a custom 2-tier red black wood base with 2-pewter band.

The Epsom Derby Bowl (Pewter)

H 2.75″ x Dia. 5″
Ref: P2191990P/DB

H 2.25″ x Dia. 4.75″
Ref: P2191991P/DB

H 2″ x Dia. 3.5″
Ref: P2191992P/DB

This bowl was reproduced from the original Sterling Epsom Derby Bowl, which was presented by King Edward VII, for the 1903 Epsom Derby Winner, Sir James Miller of England.

The original 1903 sterling bowl was found at an estate auction in Lexington, Kentucky in the 1930’s and was brought to a local jeweler in Lexington to see if the bowl could be reproduced or duplicated. The party that had the original bowl was hosting a Derby Day Breakfast and wanted to use the bowls as centerpieces for the tables.

The jeweler in Lexington commissioned a well-known manufacturer of sterling and pewter to reproduce the bowl. The bowl was made in sterling for the jeweler and became popular for various events relating to The Kentucky Derby.

The derby was, and remains today; one of the world’s premier Horse racing events, making these reproduction bowls a wonderful piece of racing history.


Derby Bowl on Round Black Wood Base with Pewter Band and Mounting Bar
Dia. 5″
Ref: P2191990PDB 205WCP

Dia. 4.75″
Ref: P2191991PDB 204WCP

Dia. 3.5″
Ref: P2191992PDB 204WCP


Pewter Delmar Bowl Customized with 4-Horsehead Appliqués
H 3″ x Dia. 8″
Ref: P219785/HH

H 4″ x Dia. 9″
Ref: P219786/HH
$320.00 (shown)

H 5″ x Dia. 9.5″
Ref: P219787/HH

Can apply instead any of the Equestrian Appliqués or your own Custom Logo Medallions.


Beautiful silver with elegant scrollwork, handles and feet bowl (non-tarnish silver)
H 3″ x L 9″ x W 7″
Ref: S58W04


Prices subject to change

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