Waldron, Terry

"The Aristocrat - Saluki" Oil on panel, 24 x 36 inches, Signed

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American Contemporary

Terry Waldron, a Connecticut native, began her career as a portrait artist of animals and pets. During her early artistic years, the pastel medium dominated the hundreds of animal portraits commissioned by her clients. A self-taught artist, her greatest inspirations have been influenced by Rosa Bonheur and Sir Edwin Landsleer. Her art would evolve to include people in her subjects after investing several years studying under Cuban artist Vigues featuring an intensive concentration in live drawing and portraiture.

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Her first serious compilation that included dog and man would be in a series of pastel paintings titled, ” The Art of the War Dog”. Here her ability to bond the dog and soldier in her work would be its greatest appeal. Lithographs from this series have been displayed at both the Pentagon in Washington and the Museum of the Dog in St. Louis, Missouri. The respect she has for the past masters in the art of the canine have stimulated a life long committment to the art of classical canine paintings. These paintings are complimented by lavish and beautiful surroundings and accomplished with traditional oil painting on wood panel.