Marian Fannon Christian

My Heartstrings

My Heartstrings
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16 x 12 ins. Ink on paper

“We can now look at your patient stitches, one after the other, tying secrets to poetry and colour to shape.” So wrote Benedetta Barzini to Marian Fanny Christian


Marian Fannon Christian (known as Fanny C) draws mesmerizing images of such captivating detail and beauty that the eye cannot help but widen in amazement.

Fanny’s work has been described as organic surrealism. She works on watercolor paper using very fine pens, enabling her to create intricate detail that often resembles fine lace. She possesses a strong and unique sense of color and form.

She has lived  in many countries including Hong Kong, The Philippines, Indonesia, India, England and Ireland. Her art hangs in collections all over the world from New York to New Zealand.