McKean, F.R.B.S, Lorne

Lorne McKean, British Contemporary "Turning the Game" Edition 10 of 18, Bronze, 16 x 23 ⅕ x 7 ½ inches, Signed and Numbered. Howard Hipwood modelled for this sculpture at Guards and Royal Berkshire polo clubs.

Lorne McKean, British Contemporary
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British Contemporary

“One of the world’s greatest equestrian sculptors.” – The Telegraph

“It is her immense grasp of the principles of movement as well as her technique which makes her work so sought after” – The Field

Official B.T. Artist for the London 2012 Olympic Games

Lorne Mckean’s long and highly successful career continues to flourish with many exciting new commissions. She has countless works in public and private spaces and a royal commission early in her career lead to four more Royal commissions, the most recent being a 1/2 life-size bronze of H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh for Guards Polo Club, Windsor Park. She has just completed a bronze of Adolfo Cambiaso, the worlds greatest Polo player and a sculpture of Lee Pearson (paralympic winner of 9 gold medals ) performing dressage.

Lorne began studying seriously at the age of 10 when her work attracted the attention of Prince Serge Yourievitch a contemporary and friend of Rodin and under his guidance and encouragement she began modelling at his studio. She was a student at the Royal Academy Schools and won the Leverhume Scholarship, the Silver medal for sculpture combined with architecture, and the Feodora Gleichen Scholarship. Two sculptures were accepted by the Royal Academy when she was only 20. She was elected a Member of the Society of Portrait Sculptors in 1969 and a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 1972. Her exhibitions have been an outstanding success with the public and critics alike and her work has gone to collections all over the world.

Lorne McKean is married to sculptor Edwin Russell who she met while studying at the Royal Academy Schools and they have two children, Rebecca a Veterinary surgeon, and Tanya founder and principal of The Art Academy, London Bridge. Whenever possible Lorne likes to work from life as she finds direct contact with her subject inspires, enlivens and enlightens her work. The search for the essence of a subject has always attracted and fascinated her.

I vividly remember aged 7 being given a bag of clay and at that moment knowing that out of that simple clay I could make anything, people, animals, buildings, stars, farms, zoos, there were endless possibilities and I played for hours. My life making sculpture still feels like that first moment of playing as a child.”

“I meet and work with many fascinating people from all walks of life and enjoy the challenge of pushing the boundaries of what is possible both artistically, as in The Horsham Heritage Sundial and technically as in the 28 ‘ft Leeds Birds “Flight”. I love becoming totally absorbed in the qualities, action and essence of my subject through hours of study. This can take many forms, like when Herbert the Trout lived in the bath for 6 months or through just a moment of really seeing.”


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