Todd-Tivey, Liza

“Polo” Bronze, Edition: 3/10, Signed, Dated & Numbered

“Polo” Bronze, Edition: 3/10, Signed, Dated & Numbered
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American Contemporary

Miss Todd-Tivey has become known among horse enthusiasts and art connoisseurs as one of the foremost horse sculptors in America today. Her much-admired bronzes of Northern Dancer, Raise A Native, Seattle Slew, Nashua & Clem Brooks, and Secretariat as a foal have established her in the collections of the most knowledgeable art experts in the world of horse racing! (Northern Dancer, Seattle Slew, and Secretariat were executed as private commissions for the owners and have been widely acclaimed as the most important bronze racehorse sculptures since John Skeaping died in 1978)

The embodiment in bronze of the very soul of a thoroughbred horse is an accomplishment of which few living artists are capable. This high intellectual grasp of a mood, a gesture, a character, a quirk is the stock-in-trade of Liza Todd-Tivey, unquestionably one of the finest, if not the finest, equine sculptors in the U.S.A.

Mrs. Penny Chenery for whom she modeled Somethingroyal and her foal, Secretariat, Spendthrift Farm, Mrs. Jacqueline Getty, Windfields, Farm, and Claiborne Farm amongst many others have commissioned Liza.

Miss Todd is of course a member of one of America’s most distinguished film and theatrical families. (Elizabeth Taylor & Michael Todd!)

All of the bronzes were cast in the Lost-wax, molten bronze tradition with the patinas created by hand with a blowtorch and bronze heat darkened for points, mane and tail. The bases are Solid American Walnut, Oil-rubbed by hand. Green felt padding. Solid Brass Plaques. The original molds were destroyed when the final casting was completed. These are all SOLD OUT Editions so only 75 admirers per edition in the entire world have the pleasure of owning these splendid and original bronzes. (The bronzes have returned to the gallery from artist’s studio for hand waxing and buffing so they look particularly handsome.) The artist has personally guaranteed the excellent condition of the collection.

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