Shiels, Leslie

"Ten" 2010, Oil on linen, 40 x 40 inches, Signed

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American Contemporary

Hound Culture

It is intriguing to observe synergy between a dog and a man or among a pack of dogs responding to their keepers. There are compelling similarities within a group of co-operating hunting dogs and a community of people. Building a team for a group sport, such as soccer, can have similarities to that required to gather a cohesive efficiently working pack of hounds. The categories of alpha, beta, omega, and zeta might apply to all. Making a painting of hounds interacting could symbolically be as valid as rendering a cocktail party. Great familiarity and comfort with the hound shape and interest in behavioral parallels attends this departure into allegory. The themes of commonality might include, need, group think, aggressive play as prelude to conflict resolution in maturity, passive aggression, cooperation, drive, submission, honor, leadership and want. These compelling parallels and the range of visual opportunity within the repetition of the shape of the familiar fuel this series.