Joanna Charlotte

White Horse, oil on canvas, 48" x 60"

White Horse, oil on canvas, 48
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Joanna Charlotte was born in Gloucestershire, England in 1977.  From a very early age art was something special to her and some of her fondest memories of childhood were of art projects she had done.

Despite studying Art and Photography at college Joanna did not contemplate being an artist as a career until she started painting with oils in 2004.  She immediately fell in love with the medium and after many years of practice and experimentation took the leap to become a full-time artist in 2010.

Her inspiration to paint horses came from many visits to the National Gallery in London where she could be found admiring the magnificent painting of  ‘Whistlejacket’ by George Stubbs.

Her main genres of work are Equestrian, portraiture, animals (especially birds) and nature. She does both commission work and fine art pieces for exhibition.  She is currently working on a commission of the race horse ‘Dancing Rain’ who won the Oaks at Epsom this year.