Horstman, Jenny

“Horse Holiday Inn” Welded Metal, Signed, SOLD

“Horse Holiday Inn” Welded Metal, Signed, SOLD
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American Contemporary

Jenny Horstman is an award-winning artist who creates life- size sculptures from scrap metal, transforming random pieces of hardware into works of art that are sought after by collectors and commissioned for public art installations.

A former career as a professional welder for over 20 years in the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union culminated in her working on the pipeline installations in Alaska and provided Horstman with the technical expertise that is apparent in her work. Gifted with a natural artistic ability since childhood, Jenny Horstman effective- ly combines excellent craftsmanship and her distinct artistic style to create high-quality work that is impressive and engaging.

Horstman searches scrap yards for interesting shapes and objects
to serve as the raw materials for her sculpture. Chains of various sizes become the mane for a racehorse, while a coiled spring might be incorporated into the hind leg of a dairy cow. Rusted bits of metal were combined to form the cape of the Headless Horseman. “As an artist, I recycle found objects and give them new mean- ing and life, transforming discarded items into sculptural entities that present a aesthetic challenge for the viewer. The identity of the original found items disappears into the sculpture, while at the same time encouraging the observer to discover the original, familiar objects within the composition.”