Clagett, Jean

  • “Darn that Itch” 2014, Lifesize Thoroughbred Foal, Bronze, Edition 2/5, 31.5 x 36 x 23 inches | Gift of Jacqueline B. Mars, 2013, at the National Sporting Museum and Library in Middleburg, VA
  • “Reverse Play” Bronze, Edition 1/5 | Commissioned by Jack Stark in 2013, a local collector in Boyce, Virginia.
  • “Maryland Jockey Club Trophy”
  • “Rousseau” Installation at Riveredge, Maryland, on granite base, owned by John and Leslie Malone
  • Small bas relief plaque made for Yellowstone honoring my great grandfather who introduced the bill that made Yellowstone the first National Park.

American Contemporary

Jean Clagett first fell in love with sculpture as a 13 year old, when she visited the Louvre in Paris with an aunt and saw the ‘Winged Victory of Samothrace.’ In developing her own style, Jean studied the animalier art of Isidore and Rosa Bonheur, 19th century French sculptors and painters. Jean’s return to France allowed her to study and work, attending classes at Parsons, Paris, and working with foundries in England and France along with many across the USA.

Jean has loved horses and other animals her entire life. She is a skilled horsewoman whose love of horses extends across all breeds and disciplines. This rich understanding is reflected in her sculptures, which capture the unique look and spirit of each subject.


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