Thalund, Inge


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Danish Contemporary

Inge Thalund was born in 1951 in Denmark, where she spent her childhood and adult life; until moving to the UK in 2004.
She is a self-taught artist.

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“As a farmer’s daughter, I am not exactly born into the art world.  My knowledge, love and respect for animals and nature was contracted first hand; and will always be my main inspiration. The relationship between humans and animals drives my work. The growing conflict in our shared environment is something about which we all should be aware. Animals are totally dependent on us. If I can bring about awareness by showing their beauty and their soul I have then succeeded. As a Dane, I was raised with the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen; and I love them. Some of what he says with words, I would be proud if I could express in my paintings.”

Inge has had works accepted at The Society of Women Artists (SWA) in London 4 times. As a “Friend” member of the Society of Equestrian Artists (SEA), Inge has attended their Exhibitions in London and Newmarket.