Chisholm, Hugh Jeremy

National Museum of Polo & Hall of Fame plaque

National Museum of Polo & Hall of Fame plaque
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American, (1940-1982)

Born in Los Angeles, on December 27, 1940, he was the son of the late Hugh Joseph Chisholm, Jr. and Bridget Bate Tichenor. Entering St. Paul’s from Le Rosey School, Switzerland, he was secretary of the Cadmean Literary Society, co-head editor of the Horae Scholasticae, and was a member of Le Cercle Francais. In athletics, he was an Isthmian, playing football and hockey, and a member of the Shattuck Boat Club. He went on to Harvard and, subsequently, to the business school at Columbia University.

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During his career, he worked as a cattle rancher in New Mexico and was associated with the investment firm of Lazard Freres & Company in New York. He then moved to Palm Beach, Florida, where he opened a gallery in Wellington and concentrated on polo, which he played with great enthusiasm. His polo art collection was known worldwide. One of his major triumphs was assembling an almost complete collection of artist Joseph W. Golinkins’ polo paintings, lithographs and drawings. His collection also included renderings of Palm Beach in the mid-1930s.



Hugh Jeremy Chisholm and the National Museum of Polo & Hall of Fame

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