Hugh Jeremy Chisholm and The National Museum of Polo & Hall of Fame



Founded by four polo players, H. Jeremy Chisholm, Phillip L. B. Iglehart, George C. Sherman Jr., and Leverett S. Miller, the museum archives and displays the sport’s historic documents and artifacts.

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The current facility opened in 1997 on 10 acres in Lake Worth, Florida, replacing the original one in Lexington, Kentucky.

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What is the Purpose of the Museum?

Preserving the past for tomorrow’s players and fans.

For those curious about the sport of polo, past, present or future, the Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame is a rich repository for the story of American polo. The Museum, a 501 (c) (3), non-profit educational organization, is home to an extensive collection of historic documents and physical treasures which include extraordinary works of art, magnificent trophies, artifacts, books, statistical records, periodicals, films, videos, recordings and much polo memorabilia.

The Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the grand history and tradition of the sport of polo for the generations of the future.