Pfederkamper, Gisela


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German Contemporary

“I love horses, nature and enjoy combining both elements in my paintings.”

Gisela was painting all her life, but a 4 year scholarship to the Niedersächsische Akademie of Art, a faculty of the University of Braunschweig (Brunswick, Germany), made her into a professional artist.Her paintings express a friendly, optimistic, colorful and whimsical style. Most include her typical trademark, voluminous horses sitting in a tropical flowery setting.Gisela’s art has been displayed at many exhibitions and galleries throughout the years. She exhibits her works in her own studio in concert with other artists each February. Funds raised from this exhibition are for the benefit of the RARE SPECIES CONSERVATORY FOUNDATION. This show is always well attended.

Gisela came to Florida with 33 Hanoverian horses and became one of the first breeders in the US of this renowned European sport horse. She also promoted Dressage Riding by founding the PALM BEACH DRESSAGE DERBY. Now after more than 30 years, it is still recognized as an acclaimed and prominent horse show.Gisela developed a new media in which to express her originality and talent. Ceramics came into Gisela’s life and led to the acquisition of a large kiln for her studio. One of her favorite “articles” is a so called tagine, a special cooking pot, in which vegetables cook in their own natural moisture. This cooking pot has become a kind of “revolution” in her and her friends cooking style.Most of her “Works” are displayed here on her website for your viewing pleasure and enjoyment.