Parker, Gill

“Polo Lines” Bronze, Edition of 9, 12 x 20 inches, Signed & Numbered

“Polo Lines” Bronze, Edition of 9, 12 x 20 inches, Signed & Numbered
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British Contemporary

Gill was first introduced to sculpture, whilst at school in Salisbury, England.

In 1982 after various jobs, she took up sculpture again, firstly as a hobby. In May 1983 Gill took her first bronzes to London where they were purchased by Garrards and Aspreys. Early support and encouragement by the Sladmore Gallery led to her first one women exhibition in November 1984.

Her subjects are primarily of the animal world: wildlife, dogs and of course horses would make up the major part of her work “I have always found animals, especially horses, the most beautiful and fascinating of creatures. In fact all things natural have always been close to my heart. I discovered sculpture whilst still at school but working in bronze was only a dream until 1983. Since then I have revelled in the freedom and vibrancy bronze gives me. Executed well this cold hard material can become warm and alive, capturing mood and movement like nothing else. I enjoy working on many different subjects, although they would be primarily of the animal kingdom. I do not wish to portray animals as characters or in an overly sentimental way, but with all the dignity and beauty they deserve.”

Gill’s sculpture is in public and private collections world wide and her clients include, film and music stars; Olympic and world champions. It has been awarded to Prime Ministers and members of the Royal family; it adorns public places, stately homes and private yachts. Her life size sculpture of Derby winner Motivator is at Ascot racecourse.

Gill lives and works in the delightful rural setting of a small Gloucestershire village, England. With many major commissions to her name and her sculpture in art collections around the world, she has long been recognised as a leader in her field. In her spare time she breeds and shows American Quarter Horses with which she has won numerous European and National championships.


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