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“Ambling Along Silver & Beadwork Necklace” Pendant: 1.5" square, Overall length: 18", Price: $650, Chisholm Ref #: SBW-N1 - This one-of-a-kind, beaded necklace is made of amber, freshwater pearls, fire polished Czech crystals, and Japanese square & ring shaped glass beads. The handmade silver bead caps show the imprint of many warmblood breed logos. The focal piece is a hand-painted, fused glass pendant featuring a relaxed rider ambling along.

“Ambling Along Silver & Beadwork Necklace” Pendant: 1.5
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Equestrian Jewelry and Gifts in Silver, Fused Glass & Resin

Jewelry inspired by the beauty, grace and strength of the horse.

Artist Statement
Two things have been central to who I am for as long as I can remember: horses are like magnets and I love to create with my hands. With Eye Gee Design, the two have happily come together. I don’t know where my passion for horses came from. No one in my family rode. There are no farms where I grew up. Yet I remember as a child the electric thrill of riding the mechanical horse outside Woolworths 5¢ & 10¢ store. I got older and graduated to real horses, and eventually got one of my own. Ultimately I found, in dressage, a lifelong pursuit that offers transcendent moments when I feel my horse and I are one. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I suspect my creative side is inherited. Whatever the source, I have always been good with my hands and like nothing better than getting lost for hours in a creative project. Over the years I’ve done traditional silver work, leaded stained glass, wood block printing, beadwork, calligraphy, sewing, quilting, crewel embroidery, knitting, drawing, painting, mosaics, upholstery, mixed media collage, and industrial welding. The idea for Eye Gee Designs was born when I first heard about a new product called silver clay. What fired my imagination was the way textures could be created in clay compared with traditional silverwork techniques. That was the moment I saw the possibility of creating a new kind of equestrian jewelry. I completed all three levels of the metal clay certification process, and simultaneously learned techniques for working with glass and resin that dovetail perfectly with silverwork. The creative possibilities are endless which is a tantalizing prospect. My goal is to create jewelry that resonates deeply with other horse lovers, that is not only beautiful but is a way for my customers to share their horse life with the world. It is also a way for me to honor the horse. Their effortless beauty is surprisingly difficult to capture, and I am constantly inspired by the challenge of expressing it.

Eye Gee Design also provides me with way to exercise my philanthropic side. I am particularly committed to an equine welfare organization called The Brooke. From the beginning, I’ve used my business to raise money and awareness for them and I look forward to doing more in the future. Other than the foregoing, you may be interested to know that I live in southeast New Hampshire with my husband (and photographer), Brian, a white boxer named Leo, and just across the road is the stable where Tony, my Hanoverian schoolmaster, lives.

~ Silver pendants & bracelet charms
~ Fused glass pendants & stock tie pins
~ Beaded necklaces with silver clasps
~ Earrings
~ Brooches
~ Paperweights
~ Whip caps

Your custom order is always welcome!

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Price Comparisons for Necklace and Bracelet Clasps

Irene Greenberg | Eye Gee Design in Elite Equestrian, Jan 2016