Guarisco, Elizabeth

“Dignity of Labor I” Bronze, 14.5 x 15 x 11 inches, Stamped FE 4/15 (family edition)

“Dignity of Labor I” Bronze, 14.5 x 15 x 11 inches, Stamped FE 4/15 (family edition)
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Elizabeth Guarisco was born in Morgan City, Louisiana, and received her degree in Art History from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. Elizabeth then traveled extensively throughout Europe where she further studied the works of the Masters before returning to the United States to study the best bronze casting techniques available.

“Having studied the masters of equine art, sculpture and painting, I had great inspiration from the best – Gericault, Rubens, da Vinci, Bernini, Cellini, the nineteenth century masters and into the twentieth century with Franz Marc and De Chirico.”

Elizabeth’s understanding of horse anatomy and character comes from a multi-faceted exposure to them throughout her life. As a child, Elizabeth was exposed to the gentle beauty and kind nature of her family’s horses. Her practice of English equitation (jumping and dressage) gave her an in-depth understanding of gates, leads, stride sequences, balance, bending, collection, and extension. As a rider, Elizabeth was taught to become one with the horse, and this gives her an unparalleled insight into the power and supple agility that horses posses. Elizabeth’s many summers of observation and study at the Saratoga Racetrack proved to be an invaluable experience with exposure to the anatomy of horses in motion.

The horse has served as a muse for artists over thousands of years; renderings of their majestic forms appear in the records of prehistoric artwork, and this source of inspiration persists today. The image of the horse is not only an excellent means of exploring form and motion, but also of expressing emotions that mirror man’s. Titles of Elizabeth’s bronzes, such as “Dignity of Labor,” “Spirit of Competition,” and “Final Turn,” all speak as equally of human endeavors as they do of the equine subject.

“Theme and composition are first in my creative process. The nature of my work is very metaphorical, as all art, and universal in thought, philosophy and application. Titles such as ‘Dignity of Labor’ and ‘Will to Win’ speak for themselves, simply and concisely, theme and composition create poetry.”


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