Claxton, George

"Polo Lamp" 1982, Bronze, Edition 5/7, 20 x 18 inches, Signed and Numbered

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George Claxton, American Polo Lamp, 1982 Bronze Edition 5/7 20” x 18” Signed & Numbered $9,500 Scarce

American, (1947-1994)

Claxton was born January 30, 1947 in Nashua, New Hampshire. He graduated summa cum laude in painting Kent State University in 1973, and went to Italy for further studies. Upon returning to the States, he worked as a metallic sculptor for the Cleveland-Washington Mint. This is where he perfected his talent in sculpting bas relief. While in the Cleveland area he had the opportunity to enjoy his other passion, horses and spent a few years campaigning an Appaloosa Open Jumper gelding. This was also the time he met Barbara Klausner and they instantly became great friends with a deep appreciation for horses and art.

Years later Barbara had the opportunity to represent Claxton when her gallery opened in 1986 in Louisville, Kentucky. Claxton by then had already made Kentucky his home for over 10 years, devoting his full efforts to equine art. Since then both his paintings and porcelain reliefs had created world-wide “Claxton collectors.”

In the spring of 1993, Claxton returned to Italy for new inspiration, and the trip was successful. He totally began focusing all his attention to painting, creating the best figurative work of his career. Claxton’s life ended in Cleveland in 1994 with his family, an unfortunate early victim of AIDS. He is remembered by friends and true art lovers as an individual who totally gave his heart and soul to his life’s passion – art.