Chisholm Gallery Testimonial by Ambassador Frederick Vreeland

Jeanne Chisholm, and her art gallery, have been the most impressive and supportive assets to my wife, Vanessa Somers Vreeland, in the four or five years in which Jeanne has been her agent and US sales representative.

Their relationship started three decades ago as a pure, disinterested friendship between two very mature and intellectually advanced women, who discovered they had the same level of excitement and energy regarding the fine arts. Vanessa had already settled on designing and personally creating art works in the ancient medium of mosaics. Jeanne was specializing in paintings and drawings primarily related to the many facets of the horse world. So Vanessa was very pleasantly surprised when Jeanne eventually volunteered to help her in the US art market.

And both she and I were even more impressed by the truly professional manner in which Jeanne rapidly spread the word about Vanessa’s Mosaics, particularly in the high-end niche where they both agreed would be the greatest interest in this virtually unknown art. Unfortunately the mosaic medium has largely been relegated dismissively to the “decorative arts” by the gallery-and-critic circles which dominate in America, despite the fact that much of what they currently feature is far from the classic realms of painting and sculpture. (Their reasoning is that most contemporary mosaics are made by artisans slavishly copying the ancient or religious originals – never true of Vanessa’s.)

Jeanne’s communication skills are astounding. She has starred in getting through to, maintaining a dialogue with, and ultimately charming potential buyers, museum directors, owners of other galleries and key people in the world of press and publicity. In addition to tireless personal correspondence, she uses the social media and ultimately her personal allure in pursuit of buyers and exhibitors for Vanessa’s art works.

Jeanne Chisholm is not just an art gallery owner and sales agent, but a person who puts her whole heart, her colossal energy and her intellectual acumen into representing the artists she chooses to promote.

Ambassador Frederick Vreeland
Rome, Italy
July 11, 2015

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