Chisholm Gallery Partnership with Cricket Burns &

A message from Cricket Burns:

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to announce our partnership with the renowned Chisholm Gallery in Palm Beach, Florida. Together, Jeannie Chisholm and I have been curating collections for the CricketsCrush client.

Some of the artists we will be representing on the site will include notable equestrian artist Henry Koehler, captivating fused glass mosaics by Vanessa Somers Vreeland (daughter-in-law of famed Vogue editor Diana Vreeland), and portraiture by iconic fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo, just to name a few.

We are currently collaborating with Ms. Chisholm to produce new segments for our web series, “Is It For Sale?”, interviewing select featured artists. So stay tuned.

CricketsCrush is having a pop-up estate sale in Southampton, New York, for the summer months. If you find yourself in the Hamptons, please do come visit.

Enjoy the summer and be sure to shop The Chisholm Gallery on

Back to hunting…xxCricket

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