Kathy Landman | Elite Equestrian Feature | Nov 2018

Kathy Landman featured in the latest Elite Eqeustrian, November 2018.

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Vanessa Somers Vreeland Exhibition at Gallery Re, Marrakesh | Mint Tea Cafe Feature

Vanessa Somers Vreeland exhibition at Galerie Re, which was hosted by her family and friends as a tribute.

Beyond the glittering beauty of the mosaic artwork itself what struck me was the verve with which this lady seemed to have lived her life – which we discovered during speeches by her family and friends. She was it seems a fearless and beautiful lady who ran away from home at 17 to go to Paris, struck a modelling deal (some of her portraits are showing at the exhibition), married a multi-millionaire and travelled the world.

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Donna Long | International Opulence Magazine

Donna Long: Life of Old Hollywood, J. Paul Getty & Equine Artistry

Donna Long – artist, socialite, horsewoman, world traveler, style icon, daughter of silent film star Ann Rork Light, mother of Wendy Fritz, proprietor of Fritz Gallery West Palm Beach; Diantha Woods, equestrian trainer; Douglas Rudolph Woods, ship captain; and stepdaughter to J. Paul Getty.

On the scene, Donna Long shows that life and painting continue after 80! Just look at Gloria Vanderbilt, Edwina Sandys (granddaughter of Winston Churchill) and Susan Phipps Cochran, painting each day and dressing for evenings out on the town.

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Marc van Gall | Elite Equestrian Magazine Feature | Fall 2018

Marc van Gall featured in the Fall issue of Elite Equestrian Magazine.

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Alejandro Moy | Chisholm Gallery Ad

Alejandro Moy featured in Chisholm Gallery Ad.

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Deborah Bigeleisen | 2018 Press

I can state with certainty that my paintings, my vision combined with my technique, stand alone in the fine art arena. My work probes the bridge between beauty and science, order and chaos. As one art journalist said: “It brings a unique vision to the genre of floral painting to embody a contemporary world.” A world where change occurs at lightening speed, where one rarely looks beneath the surface, where the meaning of beauty is continually being redefined, and where chaos is the order of the day.

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Chisholm Gallery Feature | blue besos

Polo Art Pieces Abound at Chisholm Gallery |

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Art collector and curator Jeanne Chisholm is passionate about polo art. Her massive collection includes sculptures, paintings, drawings, bar accessories and more . She’s so enthused about giving you the scoop on each piece, it’s almost impossible to get her to stand still for a photo herself.

Rollin McGrail | Elite Equestrian Feature | May/June 2018

Rollin McGrail featured in the latest Elite Equestrian issue, May/June 2018.

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Philip Selkirk | Hurlingam Magazine Article | Polo Documentary | Spring 2018

Hurlingham Polo Magazine, Spring Issue 2018, on Philip Selkirk’s new documentary entitled The Perfect Match – The History of Polo in in the United States

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Chisholm Gallery & WNGC Article | Wellington Magazine, April 2018

Chisholm Gallery and the Wellington National Golf Club, article in Wellington Magazine, April 2018

“Chisholm Gallery uses unique partnership to bring Palm Beach art scene to Wellington”

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