Barbara Frake


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Barbara Frake was a city child who always dreamed of a country life.  In her home town, the only horse she ever saw was an old grey, pulling the rag man’s wagon.  It would be a special thrill to see that old grey with his feedbag, parked on a side street while the old man ate his lunch.

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While she enjoys painting subjects of all sorts, the equestrian world is an endless source of inspiration that encompasses color, style, and historic tradition, combined with the power and elegance of the horses we love.

Barbara’s drawings and paintings have been shown at various galleries and equestrian events, and at Kentucky Horse Park, with the American Academy of Equine Art.  Her work has appeared in POLO Players’ Edition’s Sporting Art Issue, 2006 and 2010, the USDF 2006 Calendar, and on the covers of The Horsemen’s Yankee Pedlar, Equine Journal, and The Chronicle of the Horse.

“From my earliest memories, my passion has been to draw and paint my world.  The subjects I choose fascinate me for many different reasons.  I love beautiful, detailed architecture, and landscapes that convey a mood or an atmosphere, or a luscious color palette. Visually exploring the personalities of people and animals is challenging and immensely enjoyable; there are tiny subtleties in their features and expression that speak volumes.”

“To me, art is a deeply personal experience that can be shared and enjoyed by others. My work is traditional and straightforward, and each stroke of the brush requires decisions of color, texture, and intention.  I want to capture something beautiful, and show you how it looks through my eyes, and in my mind.”

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