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Gracie Mansion

Gracie Mansion
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Barbara Bellin has painted over 750 commissioned portraits of distinguished properties in the Untied States and Europe. This varied body of work includes portraits of private homes and estates, embassies, cathedrals. universities, museums and hotels. A Barbara Bellin portrait of your property is a memento that will be treasured forever by you, your family and generations to come.

The process begins with a series of photographs of the property. After reviewing the photographs, Barbara discusses her inspiration and vision for the portrait. Special features of the property; gardens, views, distant mountains, not all of which are visible from one vantage point can be included in the portrait.   The result is one that captures the unique charm and character of the subject, as well as being architecturally correct.

The painting is developed in three stages. First, the composition is drawn in pencil and reviewed by the client. At this point it is easy to make any changes. In the next phase,  it is rendered in pen and ink, at which point it is possible to photograph the drawing for later reproduction as stationary, holiday cards, invitations or any other purpose. Finally, the rendering is sensitively painted in watercolor and gouache and delivered as per the client’s instruction.