Hansson, Anne

“Increased Trot” 2016, Charcoal on paper, 20 x 16 inches, Signed lower right

“Increased Trot” 2016, Charcoal on paper, 20 x 16 inches, Signed lower right
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Swedish Contemporary

Painting, color and horses is definitely some of my biggest passions in life and to combine them in art is fantastic and such a joy!

Since my mother is a textile artist it has always been a lot of colour and different materials to play with. After finishing secondary school and five years of art schools I have been working with creating pictures in different ways, the last 10 years the painting has been my full-time job.

The horses danced into my heart when I was seven years old, I discovered them as beautiful creatures and friends that I enjoyed riding at. I, like the most young girls, dreamed of having a horse of my own.

When I got children we very soon moved out on the countryside and the family expanded with horses.

The horses started to take over as motives on my canvases eight years ago, in the beginning mostly with dressage as springboard.

Every week I visit different equestrian centers to draw horses and riders, because of my sketchbook I get to enjoy the most beautiful equipages, some of the finest in Sweden. I am doing a lot of work on commission.

Last fall I discovered the game of POLO! It is a very small sport here in Sweden with a few clubs and players but  one is luckily close to Stockholm where we live! I get so inspired of the power, the game and the horses. I love watching them and trying to catch the spirit of the game with charcoal and then bringing it back to the studio and putting my interpretation of the powerful game on the canvas–I love it!


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Post graduate work – Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts & Design), Stockholm
Post graduate work – Cross Media Producer, Stockholm
BFA – Gerlesborgsskolan, Stockholm
BA – Basis (School of the Arts), Stockholm

Gallery Nuthouse, Stockholm
Gallery of Svartsjo castle, Stockholm
Gallery Falsterbo Horse Show, Skåne
Gallery Hera, Stockholm
Gallery Belange, Stockholm
Gallery Art & Form, Stockholm
Gallery Bib, Stockholm

Public Commissions
Municipality Award of culture
The Business Institute, Stockholm
The Hospital of Danderyd, Stockholm
The Bank of SEB, Stockholm