"Jump" Mixt, 100x100

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French Contemporary

Discovering, scrutinizing and appreciating the paintings of Anne CLABAUX represents a real pleasure and strengthens the durability of a figurative style that is both expressive and dynamic. Her art reflects no school of thought or trend in fashion, but reveals a personality that is as respectful of art as it is animated by an enviable creative ardour.

Anne CLABAUX learnt to master her talent by practicing the basics of watercolour, forging a solid creative base. The way the colour takes to paper, leaving no margin for error, is a characteristic of the instant composition of the work. Her paintings therefore display no approximations, since her mastery of perspectives determines the quality of the planes and the fluidity of clear but intensely overt ambiances.

Strengthened by these experiments, Anne CLABAUX can let her temperament yield to her natural talent. From the canvas arise oil-paintings of a surprising density, full of emotion, vitality, and stories. Guided by an energetic brushstroke which, while replacing the flowing watercolours, unleashes a force that is steeped in light. The bold effects cause the almost magical sensations to alternate with the simple but vital representations of nature, beings, and elements, without giving up the radiant harmonies of a well understood palette of colours that are reproduced with generous elegance.