Meredith, Scarlett

  • "Red" Oil on panel, 11 x 14 inches, Signed

American Contemporary

“Scarlett’s paintings express the magic of childhood through the language of art.”

Scarlett Meredith is an Atlanta based artist specializing in children’s portraits. Since college she has worked as a professional portrait artist with a parallel business in faux-finishing. She has worked for the top designers, builders, and architects in Atlanta. In September of 2011, her two careers collided. Scarlett picked up a crusty old faux finish board she had used as a palette and painted a quick oil study of her daughter. Suddenly magic happened. Scarlett recalls the moment, “Everything I had tried to do for so many years came together in one painting; the expression on the face, the brightness of the colors and my bravura brushwork. After 17 years of searching I had found my style.”