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  • Astrid Harrisson “Pizarro”
  • Astrid Harrisson “Stretch”
  • Astrid Harrisson “British Polo Day 1”
  • Astrid Harrisson “British Polo Day 2”
  • Astrid Harrisson “British Polo Day 4”
  • Astrid Harrisson “Grace”
  • Astrid Harrisson “Pop 1”
  • Astrid Harrisson “Pop 2”
  • Alain Gaudin “Polo on the Beach”
  • Alejandro Moy “Polo”
  • Alexandros Faccini “Polo Paintings”
  • Alfredo de la Maria “Going to Goal”
  • Alfredo de la Maria “Polo Action”
  • Alice Gipps “Nicotina” Triptych
  • Alice Gipps “Tropillas”
  • Anne Bradford “Polo Action”
  • Anne Bradford “Two Polo Players”
  • Anne Bradford “Polo Player”
  • Anne Hansson “Precision”
  • Bunny Connell “Controlling the Play”
  • Catherine Shinnick “Off The Bank”
  • Charles Cary Rumsey “Polo Player on Pony: Skiddy von Stade”
  • Charles Cary Rumsey “Polo Player on Pony: Harrison Tweed”
  • Diego Cappella “Break Away - Digital Intervention Series”
  • Diego Cappella “AC - Fast Polo Series”
  • Diego Cappella “Knock In - B-Side Polo II Series”
  • Dready Art “Polo”
  • Dready Art “Going for Goal #2”
  • Dready Art “Divers and Fish”
  • Dready Art “Sound Sound Cottage”
  • Elena Eros “Tender Beauty”
  • Elena Eros “The Queen of Polo”
  • Elizabeth Guarisco “Power Player”
  • Gill Parker “Polo Lines”
  • Gill Parker “Offside Forehand”
  • Gill Parker “Horsepower”
  • Gill Parker “The Big Itch”
  • Gill Parker “Sunday Workhorse”
  • Gill Parker “Slipping His Man”
  • “Gifts, Awards & Trophies”
  • HELMUT KOLLER “Siberian Tiger in Blue” Archival pigment print on watercolor paper, Edition 2/24, 48 x 34 inches, Signed and numbered
  • HELMUT KOLLER “Zebra with Blue Stripes” Archival pigment print on watercolor paper, Edition 2/8, 34 x 40 inches, Signed and numbered
  • Henry Koehler “Polo Skirmish”
  • John Wolfgang Elischer “Tommy Hitchcock”
  • Jonathan Routh “H.M. Queen Victoria on her Zebra Oscar at the old Polo Club, Palm Beach, 1871”
  • Juliet Cursham “Nearside Forehand”
  • Lorne McKean “Adolfo Cambiaso on Aiken Cura”
  • Marc Van Gall “Brake Free”
  • Marc Van Gall “Escape From The Ordinary”
  • Marc Van Gall “Full Speed Ahead”
  • Marc van Gall “Speed 7”
  • Marc van Gall “Speed 23”
  • Nancy Jolly “The Polo Team”
  • Michael Lyne “Millbrook Jolly”
  • Michael Antonio Poncé “Polo Grounds”
  • Oleg Stavrowsky “ Inevitable Confrontation”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “American Polo Scenes”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “International Field, Meadow Brook Club, 1939”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “Cup of the Americas”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “Goal!”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “Midfield”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “Juan Reynal Era Series”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “Tommy Knocks One Down”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “Hoick! Hoick! Hoick!”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “Music Ahead”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “Pressing Him”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “Kennel Bound”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “Sands Point Elm”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “Thanks Awfully”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “Milburn Saves, 7th Period”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “Tabbott Backs a Beauty”
  • Paul Desmond Brown “Foxhunters vs. Greentree”
  • Percival Rosseau “Two Setters in a Field”
  • Pierre-Jules Mêne “Djinn Étlalon Barbe”
  • Pierre-Jules Mêne “Figure of an Arab Horse”
  • Ricardo Martinez Galvez “Polo Drawings”
  • Ricardo Martinez Galvez “Horse Racing Drawings”
  • Robert Schaar “Polo”
  • Rollin McGrail “Apres Polo”
  • Sam Savitt “Mounting Up” Sold
  • Sir Alfred J. Munnings “Going to the Post”
  • Sir Alfred J. Munnings “Robert Strawbridge II on his bay polo pony”
  • Snaffles “Carpet Beaters vs. Bobbery Wallahs”
  • Tammy Bality “After The Match”
  • Thomas Holland “Going For Goal”
  • Thomas Holland “Polo, 1973” Sold
  • Thomas Ostenberg “Mind Over Matter #2”
  • Thomas Ostenberg “But, I Feel Fine”
  • Vintage Polo Poster, Michel Jacquot “Deauville: Saison de Polo”
  • Waylande Gregory “Coral Glazed Art Deco Polo Player”
  • Waylande Gregory “Pair of Art Deco Polo Players”
  • “Antique Blackhawk Weathervane”

Courtesy of Chisholm Gallery, LLC

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Alain Gaudin

Alejandro Moy

Alexandros Faccini

Alfredo de la Maria

Alice Gipps

Anne Bradford

Anne Hansson

Astrid Harrisson

Bunny Connell

Catherine Shinnick

Charles Cary Rumsey

Diego Cappella

Dready Art

Elena Eros

Elizabeth Guarisco

Equestrian Gifts, Awards, and Trophies

Gill Parker

Helmut Koller

Henry Koehler

John Wolfgang Elischer

Jonathan Routh

Juliet Cursham

Lorne McKean

Marc Van Gall

Michael Antonio Poncé

Michael Lyne

Nancy Jolly

Oleg Stavrowsky

Paul Desmond Brown

Percival Leonard Rosseau

Pierre-Jules Mêne

Ricardo Martinez Galvez

Robert Schaar

Rollin McGrail

Sam Savitt

Sir Alfred J. Munnings


Thomas Holland

Thomas Ostenberg

Tammy Bality

Vintage Polo Posters, Michel Jacquot

Waylande Gregory